About Us

Our story started when the Founder’s grandfather had surgery related to an enlarged prostate (BPH-Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). Following the surgery, his grandfather developed urine incontinence and had to use diapers. He experienced his quality of life deteriorating, ending in isolation. Nowwell’s idea was born out of the intention to help and solve a problem for others experiencing urinary incontinence.

What we believe in

Our core values

We’re a company thriving on shared values, with patients at the center of all we do. Working together, these values allow us to develop products and services that genuinely will make a difference to people’s lives around the world.

Patient centric
We are patient centric, and we strive to meet their needs with uncompromised safety and high ethical standards in all our efforts.
We are impatient and focused on creative and new innovations to achieve our goals. Our efforts will contribute to a greener environment.
We are passionate and inspired by “No more wet pants”. Teamwork and having fun is at the core of our efforts. We have an inclusive environment where we can benefit from the diversity in our team.
We operate in an authentic way and have high integrity in all we do.
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Want to help improve the quality of life for patients with urinary incontinence? Or simply curious to learn more?