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Leif Granat
Chief Technical Officer

Leif has 20+ years experience from medical device development mainly  surgical implants and dedicated tools. Leif, who has a strong entrepreneurial streak, has had a number of different roles in building organizations, most recently as VP R&D for Implantica group. Leif likes to go downhill skiing, sailing, traveling, renovating houses and being with the family. Full time employee.

Niklas Herou
Product Development Leader

Niklas has 15+ years experience from medical device development and quality/regulatory affairs, mainly within non-active surgical implants and dedicated tools. Starting as a consultant managing development products to CE-marking, he has spent the last 5 years as Project Manager & Quality/Regulatory Affairs Manager at Implantica. Niklas holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys spending time with family, music and cooking.  Full time employee.

Insa Flechsler, PhD
IP & Contracts Leader

Insa Flechsler has 20+ years experience with IP and legal within healthcare and has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. She comes with
experience as a European Patent Attorney.

Mike Jacewicz, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Mike has been working as a Urologist since 2013 and is a surgeon treating patient at the Urology Ward at Stavanger University Hospital. He started at Stavanger University Hospital in 2004 and has also experience at Gastro and Vascular surgery. He enjoys spending time surfing, Karate, scuba diving and Yoga. Part time employee.

Kim Kristensen
Chief Innovation Officer & Founder

Kim Kristensen comes from a family with a history of innovation and has taken this heritage with him. His education is mainly within building and construction and he worked with construction for over 20 years. A near family relation was diagnosed incontinence and suffered several problems. Kim developed our Idea based on a solution and treatment that is not available in the market today. Kim has spent over 15 years developing our solution. Full time employee.

Stefan Holm
CEO / CFO & Co-founder

Stefan has been a Managing Consultant for 15+ years with firms like KPMG and EY, experiencing any thinkable scenario regarding driving processes and creating results. As one of several founders of BMD, they started with a great idea for a treatment and a PowerPoint. First task: adding competence and knowledge. Stefan also has CFO experience for several companies. He is passionate about traveling, writing and films. Full time employee.

Clinical Advisory Board

Ole Jacob Nilsen, MD
Oslo University Hospital
Nicolai Wessel, MD
Urology - Surgeon
Oslo University Hospital
Maceij Jazewicz, 
PHD Candidate
Oslo University Hospital
Erik Rud, MD & PhD
Radiologist Urology
Oslo University Hospital
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